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Trademark is an intangible asset of the owner and like any other asset, it can also be sold, purchased, or transferred.
You may have a registered trademark mark but no longer using that name, you can sell it!

You may need a registered trademark in your name for doing business, you can purchase it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

For selling your brand name, you can connect with experts at MarkmyBrand who will help you find the right buyer at desired price and help in smooth official sale of the brand.

Yes, that can be done. You can connect with experts at MarkmyBrandwho will provide you option of various brand names in your relevant class that can be transferred to you in less than 2 months.

In case there is a ready buyer and seller for a particular brand name, we can help with the process of transfer of brand name from the seller to the buyer.

In case of purchase, there is 100% surety of transfer within a known time frame which is less than time taken in getting a new application registered. Moreover, a new application will move through various stages of the registration process and may be delayed or refused if not registered.

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