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Medical Instrument

Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments; artificial limbs, eyes and teeth; orthopaedic articles; suture materials; therapeutic and assistive devices adapted for persons with disabilities; massage apparatus; apparatus, devices and articles for nursing infants; sexual activity apparatus, devices and articles.


A guide to goods covered under class 10

Class 10 includes mainly surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus, instruments and articles generally used for the diagnosis, treatment or improvement of function or condition of persons and animals.

Class includes mainly

  • support bandages, orthopaedic bandages;
  • special clothing for medical purposes, for example, compression garments, stockings for varices, strait jackets, orthopaedic footwear;
  • articles, instruments and devices for menstruation, contraception and childbirth, for example, menstrual cups, pessaries, condoms, childbirth mattresses, forceps;
  • therapeutic and prosthetic articles and devices for implantation made of artificial or synthetic materials, for example, surgical implants comprised of artificial materials, artificial breasts, brain pacemakers, biodegradable bone fixation implants;
  • furniture especially made for medical purposes, for example, armchairs for medical or dental purposes, air mattresses for medical purposes, operating tables.

Class doesn't include mainly

  • medical dressings and absorbent sanitary articles, for example, plasters, bandages and gauze for dressings, breast-nursing pads, diapers for babies and for incontinence, tampons (Cl. 5 );
  • surgical implants comprised of living tissue (Cl. 5 );
  • tobacco-free cigarettes for medical purposes (Cl. 5 ) and electronic cigarettes (Cl. 34 );
  • wheelchairs and mobility scooters (Cl. 12 );
  • massage tables and hospital beds (Cl. 20 ).

A detailed list of products/goods covered under class 10

abdominal belts

abdominal corsets

abdominal pads

apparatus for acne treatment

acupressure bands

acupuncture needles

electric acupuncture instruments

aerosol dispensers for medical purposes

air beds for medical purposes

air cushions for medical purposes

air mattresses for medical purposes

air pillows for medical purposes

ambulance stretchers

anaesthetic apparatus

anaesthetic masks

analysers for bacterial identification for medical purposes

analyzers for bacterial identification for medical purposes

anti-nausea wristbands

anti-rheumatism bracelets

anti-rheumatism rings

apparatus for DNA and RNA testing for medical purposes

apparatus for the regeneration of stem cells for medical purposes

apparatus for testing breast milk for medical purposes

arch supports for footwear

armchairs for medical or dental purposes

apparatus for artificial respiration

artificial breasts

artificial eyes

artificial jaws

artificial limbs

artificial skin for surgical purposes

artificial teeth


baby feeding dummies / baby feeding pacifiers

balling guns / bolus guns

bandages, elastic

basins for medical purposes

bed pans

bed vibrators

beds specially made for medical purposes

belts for medical purposes

belts, electric, for medical purposes

biodegradable bone fixation implants

biomagnetic rings for therapeutic or medical purposes

blankets, electric, for medical purposes

blood testing apparatus

body composition monitors

body fat monitors

body rehabilitation apparatus for medical purposes

bone void fillers comprised of artificial materials

boots for medical purposes

bracelets for medical purposes

brain pacemakers

breast pumps

brushes for cleaning body cavities


capillary tubes for medical use

cases fitted for medical instruments

instrument cases for use by doctors

castrating pincers



chambers for inhalers / spacers for inhalers

childbirth mattresses

cholesterol meters

clips for dummies / clips for pacifiers

clips, surgical

clothing especially for operating rooms

commode chairs

compression garments

compressors [surgical]


containers especially made for medical waste

contraceptive implants

contraceptives, non-chemical

cooling pads for first aid purposes

cooling patches for medical purposes

corn knives

corsets for medical purposes


crystals for therapeutic purposes

cupping glasses

curing lamps for medical purposes

cushions for medical purposes


dental apparatus and instruments

dental apparatus, electric

dental burs

dentists' armchairs

dentures / sets of artificial teeth

diabetic monitoring apparatus

diagnostic apparatus for medical purposes


disposable steam-heated masks for therapeutic purposes

disposable steam-heated patches for therapeutic purposes

douche bags

drainage tubes for medical purposes

draw-sheets for sick beds

dropper bottles for medical purposes

droppers for medical purposes

drug-coated stents for thrombosis

dummies for babies / pacifiers for babies

ear picks

ear plugs [hearing protection devices]

ear trumpets

elastic stockings for surgical purposes

electric massage guns


electrodes for medical use

endoscopy cameras for medical purposes

enema apparatus for medical purposes

esthetic massage apparatus

facial aesthetic treatment apparatus using ultrasonic waves

feeding bottle teats

feeding bottle valves

feeding bottles / babies' bottles

filters for ultraviolet rays, for medical purposes

fingerstalls for medical purposes / finger guards for medical purposes


fumigation apparatus for medical purposes

furniture especially made for medical purposes

galvanic belts for medical purposes

galvanic therapeutic appliances


gloves for massage

gloves for medical purposes

glucometers / glucose meters

gum massagers for babies

haemocytometers / hemocytometers

hair prostheses

haptic suits for medical purposes

hearing aids

hearing protectors

heart pacemakers

heart rate monitoring apparatus

heating cushions, electric, for medical purposes

heating pads, electric, for medical purposes

hot air therapeutic apparatus

hot air vibrators for medical purposes

hydrogen inhalers

hypodermic syringes

hypogastric belts

ice bags for medical purposes

implantable subcutaneous drug delivery devices

incontinence sheets

incubators for babies

incubators for medical purposes


injectors for medical purposes


intrauterine devices

keratometers / ophthalmometers

kinesiology tapes

knee bandages, orthopaedic / knee bandages, orthopedic

knives for surgical purposes

lamps for medical purposes


laser therapy helmets for treating alopecia

lasers for medical purposes

LED masks for therapeutic purposes

lenses [intraocular prostheses] for surgical implantation

intraocular prostheses [lenses] for surgical implantation

lice combs

love dolls [sex dolls]

magnetic resonance imaging [MRI] apparatus for medical purposes

masks for use by medical personnel

protective masks for medical purposes

massage apparatus

maternity belts

medical apparatus and instruments

medical cooling apparatus for treating heatstroke

medical cooling apparatus for use in therapeutic hypothermia

medical examination tables

medical guidewires

menstrual cups

microdermabrasion apparatus

mirrors for dentists

mirrors for surgeons

nanorobots for medical purposes / nanites for medical purposes

nasal aspirators

needles for medical purposes

neural helmets for medical purposes

obstetric apparatus

obstetric apparatus for cattle

operating tables


orthodontic appliances

orthodontic rubber bands

orthopaedic bandages for joints

orthopedic bandages for joints

orthopaedic belts / orthopedic belts

orthopaedic footwear / orthopedic footwear

orthopaedic soles / orthopedic soles

orthopedic articles / orthopaedic articles

oxygen concentrators for medical purposes

pads for preventing pressure sores on patient bodies

patient examination gowns

patient hoists / patient lifting hoists


physical exercise apparatus for medical purposes

physiotherapy apparatus

pill crushers

pill cutters

pins for artificial teeth

plaster bandages for orthopaedic purposes

plaster bandages for orthopedic purposes

portable hand-held urinals

portable earpicks with endoscopy function

probes for medical purposes

protection devices against X-rays, for medical purposes

pulse meters

pumps for medical purposes

quad canes for medical purposes

quartz lamps for medical purposes

radiological apparatus for medical purposes

radiology screens for medical purposes

radiotherapy apparatus

radium tubes for medical purposes

receptacles for applying medicines

respirators for artificial respiration

respiratory masks for artificial respiration

resuscitation apparatus

reusable sanitary masks made of gauze

robotic exoskeleton suits for medical purposes

sanitary masks

saws for surgical purposes


scissors for surgery

sex toys

slings [support bandages]

soporific pillows for insomnia

sphygmotensiometers / arterial blood pressure measuring apparatus / sphygmomanometers

spirometers [medical apparatus]

spittoons for medical purposes

splints surgical

spoons for administering medicine

spoons for patients with tremor


sterile sheets, surgical


stockings for varices

strait jackets

stretchers, wheeled / gurneys, wheeled

support bandages

supports for flat feet

surgical apparatus and instruments

surgical bougies

surgical cutlery

surgical drapes

surgical implants comprised of artificial materials

surgical robots

surgical sponges

suspensory bandages

suture materials

suture needles

syringes for injections

syringes for medical purposes

teeth protectors for dental purposes

teething rings

temperature indicator labels for medical purposes

testing apparatus for medical purposes

apparatus for use in medical analysis

therapeutic facial masks

thermal packs for first aid purposes

thermo-electric compresses [surgery]

thermometers for medical purposes

thread surgical

tips for crutches

toe separators for orthopaedic purposes

toe separators for orthopedic purposes

tomographs for medical purposes

tongue depressors for medical purposes

tongue scrapers

traction apparatus for medical purposes

apparatus for the treatment of deafness


trusses / hernia bandages

ultraviolet ray lamps for medical purposes

umbilical belts

urethral probes

urethral syringes

urinals being vessels

urological apparatus and instruments

uterine syringes

vaginal syringes

vaporizers for medical purposes

veterinary apparatus and instruments

vibromassage apparatus

walking frames for disabled persons

walking sticks for medical purposes

canes for medical purposes

appliances for washing body cavities

water bags for medical purposes

waterbeds for medical purposes

wheeled walkers to aid mobility

X-ray apparatus for medical purposes

X-ray photographs for medical purposes

X-ray tubes for medical purposes

apparatus and installations for the production of X-rays, for medical purposes