Class 38 : Telecommunications services & more

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Telecommunications services

Telecommunications services.


A guide to goods covered under class 38

Class 38 includes mainly services that allow at least one party to communicate with another, as well as services for the broadcasting and transmission of data.

Class includes mainly

  • Transmission of digital files and electronic mail.
  • Providing user access to global computer networks.
  • Radio and television broadcasting.
  • Video-on-demand transmission.
  • Providing internet chatrooms and online forums.
  • Telephone and voice mail services.
  • Teleconferencing and videoconferencing services.

Class doesn’t include mainly

  • Radio advertising (Cl. 35).
  • Telemarketing services (Cl. 35).
  • Content or subject matter that may be contained in the communication activity, for example, downloadable image files (Cl. 9), providing business information via a web site (Cl. 35), providing films and television programmes, not downloadable, via video-on-demand services (Cl. 41).
  • Services conducted using telecommunication connections, for example, online retail services for downloadable digital music (Cl. 35), online banking (Cl. 36).
  • Production of radio and television programmes (Cl. 41).
  • Telecommunications technology consultancy (Cl. 42).
  • Online social networking services (Cl. 45).

A detailed list of products/goods covered under class 38

providing access to databases

rental of access time to global computer networks

cable television broadcasting

communications by cellular phones

communications by computer terminals

communications by fibre optic networks / communications by fiber optic networks

communications by telegrams

communications by telephone

computer aided transmission of messages and images

electronic bulletin board services [telecommunications services]

facsimile transmission

rental of facsimile apparatus

geolocation services [telecommunications services]

providing information in the field of telecommunications

providing internet chatrooms

message sending

rental of message sending apparatus

rental of modems

news agency services

providing online forums

paging services [radio, telephone or other means of electronic communication]

radio broadcasting

radio communications

satellite transmission

rental of smartphones

streaming of data

providing telecommunication channels for teleshopping services

rental of telecommunication equipment

providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network

telecommunications routing and junction services

teleconferencing services

telegraph services

telephone services

rental of telephones

television broadcasting

telex services

transmission of digital files

transmission of electronic mail

transmission of greeting cards online

transmission of podcasts

transmission of telegrams

providing user access to global computer networks

video-on-demand transmission

videoconferencing services

voice mail services

wireless broadcasting