Class 8 : Hand-operated tools & more

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Hand-operated tools and more

Hand tools and implements, hand-operated; cutlery; side arms, except firearms; razors


A guide to goods covered under class 8

Class 8 includes mainly hand-operated tools and implements for performing tasks, such as drilling, shaping, cutting and piercing.

Class includes mainly

  • hand-operated agricultural, gardening and landscaping tools;
  • hand-operated tools for carpenters, artists and other craftspersons, for example, hammers, chisels and gravers;
  • handles for hand-operated hand tools, such as knives and scythes;
  • electric and non-electric hand implements for personal grooming and body art, for example, razors, implements for hair curling, tattooing, and for manicure and pedicure;
  • hand-operated pumps;
  • table cutlery, such as knives, forks and spoons, including those made of precious metals.

Class doesn't include mainly

  • machine tools and implements driven by a motor (Cl. 7);
  • surgical cutlery (Cl. 10);
  • pumps for bicycle tyres (Cl. 12), pumps specially adapted for use with balls for games (Cl. 28);
  • side arms being firearms (Cl. 13);
  • paper knives and paper shredders for office use (Cl. 16);
  • handles for objects that are classified in various classes according to their function or purpose, for example, walking stick handles, umbrella handles (Cl. 18), broom handles (Cl. 21);
  • serving utensils, for example, sugar tongs, ice tongs, pie servers and serving ladles, and kitchen utensils, for example, mixing spoons, pestles and mortars, nutcrackers and spatulas (Cl. 21);
  • fencing weapons (Cl. 28).

A detailed list of products/goods covered under class 8

abrading instruments [hand instruments]

adzes [tools]

agricultural forks [hand tools]

agricultural implements, hand-operated

air pumps, hand-operated

annular screw plates

augers [hand tools]



metal band stretchers [hand tools]


beard clippers

bench vices [hand implements]


bits [hand tools]

bits [parts of hand tools]

blade sharpening instruments

blades [hand tools]

blades [weapons]

blades for planes

border shears


bow saws

box cutters

braiders [hand tools]

branding irons

breast drills

budding knives

carpenters' augers

carving forks

carving knives

cattle shearers

caulking irons

centre punches [hand tools]

ceramic knives

cheese slicers, non-electric


choppers being knives

clamps for carpenters or coopers


crimping irons

crow bars

curling tongs

cuticle tweezers / cuticle nippers


cutter bars [hand tools]


cutting tools [hand tools]


implements for decanting liquids [hand tools]

depilation appliances, electric and non-electric

apparatus for destroying plant parasites, hand-operated

dies [hand tools] / screw stocks [hand tools]

screw-thread cutters [hand tools]

diggers [hand tools]

ditchers [hand tools]

drawing knives

drill holders [hand tools]

ear-piercing apparatus

earth rammers [hand tools]

edge tools [hand tools]

egg slicers, non-electric

embossers [hand tools]

emergency hammers

emery boards

emery files

emery grinding wheels

engraving needles

expanders [hand tools]

extension pieces for braces for screw taps

eyelash curlers

farriers' knives

files [tools]

fingernail polishers, electric or non-electric

nail buffers, electric or non-electric

fire irons

fireplace bellows [hand tools]

fish tapes [hand tools] / draw wires [hand tools]

flat irons

food processors, hand-operated

foundry ladles [hand tools]

frames for handsaws

fruit corers

fruit pickers [hand tools]

fruit segmenters

fullers [hand tools]

fulling tools [hand tools]

garden tools, hand-operated

gimlets [hand tools]

glaziers' diamonds [parts of hand tools]

goffering irons

gouges [hand tools]

grafting tools [hand tools]

graving tools [hand tools]

grindstones [hand tools] / sharpening wheels [hand tools]

guns [hand tools]

guns, hand-operated, for the extrusion of mastics

hackles [hand tools]

hainault scythes

hair braiders, electric

hair clippers for animals [hand instruments]

hair clippers for personal use, electric and non-electric

hair-removing tweezers

hammers [hand tools]

hand drills,hand-operated

hand implements for hair curling

hand pumps*

hand tools hand- operated

hand-operated corn cob strippers

hand-operated fruit slicers

handles for hand-operated hand tools


harpoons for fishing


hobby knives [scalpels]

hoes [hand tools]

holing axes / mortise axes

hollowing bits [parts of hand tools]

hoop cutters [hand tools]

hunting knives

ice picks

insecticide vaporizers [hand tools]

insecticide atomizers [hand tools]

insecticide sprayers [hand tools]

irons [non-electric hand tools]


kitchen mandolines

knife handles


ladles [hand tools]

laser hair removal apparatus, other than for medical purposes

lasts [shoemakers' hand tools]

lawn clippers [hand instruments]

leather strops


lifting jacks, hand-operated

livestock marking tools / cattle marking tools


mallets [hand instruments]

manicure sets

manicure sets, electric

marline spikes

masons' hammers


meat claws

milling cutters [hand tools]

mincing knives / fleshing knives / meat choppers being meat knives

mitre boxes [hand tools] / miter boxes [hand tools]

money scoops

mortars for pounding [hand tools]

mortise chisels

moulding irons / molding irons

multi-tool knives

nail clippers, electric or non-electric

nail drawers [hand tools]

nail extractors, hand-operated / nail pullers, hand-operated

nail files

nail files, electric

nail nippers

nail punches

needle files

non-electric caulking guns

numbering punches

oyster openers

palette knives

paring irons [hand tools]

paring knives

pedicure sets


perforating tools [hand tools]


pickhammers / bushhammers

picks [hand tools]

pin punches

pincers / nippers / tongs

pizza cutters, non-electric

plane irons



polishing irons [glazing tools] / glazing irons

priming irons [hand tools]

pruning knives

pruning scissors / secateurs

pruning shears

punch pliers [hand tools]

punch rings [knuckle dusters] / knuckle dusters

punches [hand tools]

instruments for punching tickets

rabbeting planes

rakes [hand tools]

rammers [hand tools] / pestles for pounding [hand tools]

rams [hand tools]

rasps [hand tools]

ratchets [hand tools]

razor blades

razor cases

razor strops

razors, electric or non-electric

reamer sockets


riveters [hand tools]

riveting hammers [hand tools]


sand trap rakes

saw blades [parts of hand tools]

saw holders

saws [hand tools]

scaling knives


scrapers [hand tools]

scrapers for skis

scraping tools [hand tools]

screwdrivers, non-electric

sculptors' chisels

scythe handles

scythe rings

scythe stones / whetstones


sharpening instruments

sharpening steels / knife steels

sharpening stones

shaving cases

shear blades

shearers [hand instruments]


shovels [hand tools]


side arms, other than firearms

silver plate [knives, forks and spoons]

ski edge sharpening tools, hand-operated

instruments and tools for skinning animals


spades [hand tools]

spanners [hand tools] / wrenches [hand tools]

spatulas [hand tools]

spatulas for use by artists


squares [hand tools]

stamping-out tools [hand tools] / stamps [hand tools]

sterile body piercing instruments

stirring sticks for mixing paint

stone hammers

stropping instruments

sword scabbards


syringes for spraying insecticides

table cutlery [knives, forks and spoons]

tableware [knives, forks and spoons]

table forks

table knives, forks and spoons for babies

table knives, forks and spoons of plastic

tap wrenches

taps [hand tools]

tattoo needles

apparatus for tattooing

thistle extractors [hand tools]

tin openers, non-electric / can openers, non-electric

tool belts [holders]

tree pruners


trowels [gardening]

truncheons / bludgeons / police batons

tube cutters [hand tools]

tube cutting instruments


vegetable choppers

vegetable knives

vegetable peelers, hand-operated

vegetable slicers, hand-operated

vegetable shredders, hand-operated

vegetable spiralizers, hand-operated

vices / vises

weeding forks [hand tools]

whetstone holders

wick trimmers [scissors]

wine bottle foil cutters, hand-operated

metal wire stretchers [hand tools]

wire strippers [hand tools]