Class 43 : Restaurant and Hotel Services & more

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Restaurant and Hotel Services

Services for providing food and drink; temporary accommodation.


A guide to services covered under class 43

Class 43 includes mainly services provided in relation to the preparation of food and drink for consumption, as well as services for providing temporary accommodation.

Class includes mainly

  • temporary accommodation reservations, for example, hotel reservations;s
  • boarding for animals;
  • rental of meeting rooms, tents and transportable buildings;
  • retirement home services;
  • day-nursery and crèche services;
  • decorating of food, food sculpting;
  • rental of cooking apparatus;
  • rental of chairs, tables, table linen, glassware;
  • hookah lounge services;
  • personal chef services
  • body piercing and tattooing;

Class doesn't include mainly

  • business management of hotels (Cl. 35);
  • rental services for real estate, such as houses or flats, for residential use (Cl. 36);
  • housekeeping (cleaning) services (Cl. 37);
  • travel and transport reservation services (Cl. 39);
  • beer brewing and wine making for others, custom manufacturing of bread (Cl. 40);
  • food smoking, food and drink preservation (Cl. 40);
  • educational, instruction and entertainment services, including those that might involve ancillary lodging or food and drink, provided by, for example, boarding schools, nursery schools, sport camps, discotheques and nightclubs (Cl. 41);
  • providing museum facilities (Cl. 41);
  • convalescent home and rest home services (Cl. 44);
  • babysitting, pet sitting (Cl. 45).

A detailed list of products/goods covered under class 43

accommodation bureau services [hotels, boarding houses]

animal pound services

bar services

boarding for animals

boarding house bookings

boarding house services

café services

cafeteria services

cake decorating

providing campground facilities

canteen services

rental of chairs, tables, table linen, glassware

rental of cooking apparatus

day-nursery [crèche] services

decorating of food

rental of drinking water dispensers

food and drink catering

food sculpting

food reviewing services [provision of information about food and drinks]

holiday camp services [lodging]

hookah lounge services

hotel accommodation services

hotel reservations

information and advice in relation to the preparation of meals

rental of lighting apparatus*

rental of meeting rooms

motel services

personal chef services

reception services for temporary accommodation [management of arrivals and departures]

reception services for temporary accommodation [conferment of keys]

rental of furniture

rental of holiday accommodation / rental of vacation accommodation

rental of kitchen sinks

rental of office furniture

rental of portable dressing rooms

restaurant services

retirement home services

self-service restaurant services

snack-bar services

take-away restaurant services

rental of temporary accommodation

temporary accommodation reservations

temporary accommodation provided by halfway houses

rental of tents

tourist home services

rental of transportable buildings*

udon and soba restaurant services

washoku restaurant services