Class 19 : Non-Metallic Building Material & more

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Non-Metallic Building Material

Materials, not of metal, for building and construction; rigid pipes, not of metal, for building; asphalt, pitch, tar and bitumen; transportable buildings, not of metal; monuments, not of metal.


A guide to goods covered under class 19

Class 19 includes mainly materials, not of metal, for building and construction.

Class includes mainly

  • semi-worked woods for use in building, for example, beams, planks, panels;
  • wood veneers;
  • building glass, for example, glass tiles, insulating glass for building, safety glass;
  • glass granules for marking out roads;
  • granite, marble, gravel;
  • terra-cotta for use as a building material;
  • roofing, not of metal, incorporating photovoltaic cells;
  • gravestones and tombs, not of metal;
  • statues, busts and works of art of stone, concrete or marble;
  • letter boxes of masonry;
  • geotextiles;
  • coatings being building materials;
  • scaffolding, not of metal;
  • transportable buildings or structures, not of metal, for example, aquaria, aviaries, flagpoles, porches, swimming pools.

Class doesn’t include mainly

  • cement preservatives, cement-waterproofing preparations (Cl. 1);
  • fireproofing preparations (Cl. 1);
  • wood preservatives (Cl. 2);
  • oils for releasing form work for building (Cl. 4);
  • letter boxes of metal (Cl. 6) and not of metal or masonry (Cl. 20);
  • statues, busts and works of art of common metal (Cl. 6), of precious metal (Cl. 14), of wood, wax, plaster or plastic (Cl. 20), of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware, terra-cotta or glass (Cl. 21);
  • certain pipes, not of metal, not for building, for example, pipes being parts of sanitary installations (Cl. 11), flexible pipes, tubes and hoses, not of metal (Cl. 17);
  • substances for insulating buildings against moisture (Cl. 17);
  • glass for vehicle windows (semi-finished product) (Cl. 21);
  • birdcages (Cl. 21);
  • mats and matting, linoleum and other materials for covering existing floors (Cl. 27);
  • unsawn or undressed timber (Cl. 31).

A detailed list of products/goods covered under class 19

accordion doors, not of metal

acoustic panels, not of metal

advertisement columns, not of metal

agglomerated bagasses of cane [building material]

agglomerated cork for building


alabaster glass

angle irons, not of metal

aquaria [structures]

aquarium gravel

aquarium sand

arbours [structures], not of metal

armour-plating, not of metal / armor-plating, not of metal

armoured doors, not of metal / armored doors, not of metal

artificial stone

asbestos cement

asbestos mortar


asphalt paving

aviaries [structures], not of metal

balustrades, not of metal

beacons, not of metal, non-luminous

beams, not of metal / girders, not of metal

bicycle parking installations, not of metal

binding agents for making briquettes / binding agents for making stones

binding material for road repair

bird baths [structures], not of metal


bitumen paper for building

bituminous coatings for roofing

bituminous products for building

brackets, not of metal, for building

branching pipes, not of metal


building glass

building materials, not of metal / construction materials, not of metal

building panels, not of metal

building paper

building stone

building timber / lumber

buildings, not of metal

buildings, transportable, not of metal

burial vaults, not of metal

busts of stone, concrete or marble

cabanas, not of metal

caissons for construction work under water

calcareous marl

casement windows, not of metal

cask wood / stave wood

ceilings, not of metal

cement for blast furnaces

cement for furnaces

cement posts

cement slabs


raw chalk

chicken-houses, not of metal

chimney cowls, not of metal

chimney pots, not of metal

chimney shafts, not of metal

chimneys, not of metal

cladding, not of metal, for building


clinker ballast

coal tar

materials for making and coating roads

coatings [building materials]


concrete building elements

cornices, not of metal

crash barriers, not of metal, for roads

diving boards, not of metal

door frames, not of metal / door casings, not of metal

door panels, not of metal

doors, not of metal*

drain pipes, not of metal

drain traps [valves], not of metal or plastic

duckboards, not of metal

ducts, not of metal, for ventilating and air-conditioning installations

earth for bricks

enamelled glass, for building

fair huts

felt for building

fences, not of metal

figurines of stone, concrete or marble / statuettes of stone, concrete or marble

firebricks / refractory bricks

fireclay / grog [fired refractory material]

fireplace mantles, not of metal

fireproof cement coatings

flagpoles [structures], not of metal

flashing, not of metal, for building

floating docks, not of metal, for mooring boats

floating floor boards, not of metal

floor tiles, not of metal

floors, not of metal

folding doors, not of metal

foundry moulds, not of metal / foundry molds, not of metal

framework, not of metal, for building

furrings of wood

gates, not of metal


glass granules for road marking / glass granules for marking out roads


grave slabs, not of metal / tomb slabs, not of metal


gravestones / tombstones

greenhouse frames, not of metal

greenhouses, transportable, not of metal

gutter pipes, not of metal

gypsum [building material]

hips for roofing

horticultural frames, not of metal / cold frames, not of metal


insect screens, not of metal

insulating glass for building

jalousies, not of metal

joists, not of metal

laths, not of metal

latticework, not of metal / trellises, not of metal

lengthening pieces, not of metal, for chimneys

letter boxes of masonry


limestone / calcareous stone

linings, not of metal, for building

lintels, not of metal


magnesia cement

manhole covers, not of metal

manufactured timber


masts [poles], not of metal

memorial plaques, not of metal

monuments, not of metal

mooring bollards, not of metal

mortar for building / grout

mosaics for building

mouldable wood / moldable wood

mouldings, not of metal, for building / moldings, not of metal, for building

mouldings, not of metal, for cornices / moldings, not of metal, for cornices

non-luminous and non-mechanical signs, not of metal

olivine for building

outdoor blinds, not of metal and not of textile

paint spraying booths, not of metal

palings, not of metal / palisading, not of metal

pantiles, not of metal

paperboard for building / building cardboard

parquet floor boards

parquet flooring

partitions, not of metal

luminous paving blocks

paving blocks, not of metal

paving slabs, not of metal

penstock pipes, not of metal


pigsties, not of metal

pilings, not of metal / sheet piles, not of metal

pillars, not of metal, for building


planks of wood for building


plastic landscape edgings

plate glass [windows] for building

platforms, prefabricated, not of metal

play sand


porches [structures], not of metal

porphyry [stone]

posts, not of metal

posts, not of metal, for power lines / poles, not of metal, for power lines

potters' clay

prefabricated houses [kits], not of metal

props, not of metal


railway sleepers, not of metal / railroad ties, not of metal

reeds for building

refractory construction materials, not of metal

reinforcing materials, not of metal, for building

rigid pipes, not of metal, for building

road coating materials

road marking sheets and strips of synthetic material

road signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, not of metal

rock crystal

rocket launching platforms, not of metal

roof coverings, not of metal

roof flashing, not of metal

roof gutters, not of metal

roofing shingles

roofing slates

roofing tiles, not of metal

roofing, not of metal

roofing, not of metal, incorporating photovoltaic cells

rubber bearings for seismic isolation of buildings


safety glass

sand, except foundry sand

sandstone for building

sandstone pipes

sawn timber

scaffolding, not of metal

scantlings [carpentry]


shuttering, not of metal, for concrete

shutters, not of metal

signalling panels, non-luminous and non-mechanical, not of metal

silica [quartz]

sills, not of metal

silos, not of metal

silver sand

skating rinks [structures], not of metal

slabs, not of metal, for building

slag [building material]

slag stone / clinker stone


slate powder

soundproof booths, transportable, not of metal

stables, not of metal

stained-glass windows

stair-treads [steps], not of metal

staircases, not of metal

statues of stone, concrete or marble


street gutters, not of metal

stringers [parts of staircases], not of metal

swimming pools [structures], not of metal

swing doors, not of metal

tanks of masonry


tarred strips for building

telegraph posts, not of metal

telephone booths, not of metal / telephone boxes, not of metal

terra-cotta [building material]

tile floorings, not of metal

tiles, not of metal, for building

tomb or grave enclosures, not of metal / grave or tomb enclosures, not of metal

tombs [monuments], not of metal

tombs, not of metal

tombstone plaques, not of metal

tombstone stelae, not of metal


turnstiles, not of metal

veneer wood

vinyl siding

wainscotting, not of metal

wall claddings, not of metal, for building

wall linings, not of metal, for building

wall tiles, not of metal

water-pipe valves, not of metal or plastic

water-pipes, not of metal

window frames, not of metal

window glass for building

window glass, other than vehicle window glass

windows, not of metal

wood for making household utensils

wood panelling

wood paving

wood pulp board for building

wood veneers / veneers

wood, semi-worked

wooden floor boards

works of art of stone, concrete or marble

works of stonemasonry