Class 12 : Vehicles and its Parts & more

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Vehicles and its Parts

Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water.


A guide to goods covered under class 12

Class 12 includes mainly vehicles and apparatus for the transport of people or goods by land, air or water.

Class includes mainly

  • motors and engines for land vehicles;
  • couplings and transmission components for land vehicles;
  • air cushion vehicles;
  • remote control vehicles, other than toys;
  • parts of vehicles, for example, bumpers, windscreens, steering wheels;
  • treads for vehicles, as well as tyres for all kinds of vehicle wheels.

Class doesn't include mainly

  • railway material of metal (Cl. 6);
  • motors, engines, couplings and transmission components, other than for land vehicles (Cl. 7);
  • parts of all kinds of motors and engines, for example, starters, mufflers and cylinders for motors and engines (Cl. 7);
  • rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on construction, mining, agricultural and other heavy-duty machines (Cl. 7);
  • tricycles for infants and scooters, being toys (Cl. 28);
  • certain special vehicles or wheeled apparatus not for transportation purposes, for example, self-propelled road sweeping machines (Cl. 7), fire engines (Cl. 9), tea carts (Cl. 20);
  • certain parts of vehicles, for example, electric batteries, mileage recorders and radios for vehicles (Cl. 9), lights for automobiles and bicycles (Cl. 11), automobile carpets (Cl. 27).

A detailed list of products/goods covered under class 2

adhesive rubber patches for repairing inner tubes

aerial conveyors

aeronautical apparatus, machines and appliances


air bags [safety devices for automobiles]

air cushion vehicles

air pumps [vehicle accessories]

air vehicles


airships / dirigible balloons

all-terrain vehicles


amphibious airplanes

amphibious vehicles

anti-glare devices for vehicles* / anti-dazzle devices for vehicles*

anti-skid chains

anti-theft alarms for vehicles

anti-theft devices for vehicles

armoured vehicles / armored vehicles

ashtrays for automobiles

automobile bodies

automobile chassis

automobile hoods

automobile tyres / automobile tires

autonomous underwater vehicles for seabed inspections

axle journals

axles for vehicles

bags adapted for pushchairs

bags adapted for strollers

balance weights for vehicle wheels

bands for wheel hubs


baskets adapted for bicycles

bellows for articulated buses

bicycle bells

bicycle brakes

bicycle chains

bicycle cranks

bicycle frames

bicycle handlebars

bicycle kickstands

bicycle motors

bicycle mudguards

bicycle pedals

bicycle saddles

bicycle trailers

bicycle tyres / bicycle tires

bicycle wheels


electric bicycles

boat hooks


bodies for vehicles

bogies for railway cars

brake discs for vehicles

brake linings for vehicles

brake pads for automobiles

brake segments for vehicles

brake shoes for vehicles

brakes for vehicles

buffers for railway rolling stock

bumpers for automobiles

cable transport apparatus and installations

caissons [vehicles]

camera drones / photography drones

camping cars / motor homes


caps for vehicle fuel tanks


cars / automobiles / motor cars

cars for cable transport installations


casings for pneumatic tyres

casings for pneumatic tires

casters for trolleys [vehicles]

casters for carts [vehicles]

casting carriages / casting cars

ladle carriages ladle cars


cigar lighters for automobiles

hydraulic circuits for vehicles

civilian drones

cleaning trolleys

cleats [nautical]

clips adapted for fastening automobile parts to automobile bodies

clutches for land vehicles

concrete mixing vehicles

connecting rods for land vehicles, other than parts of motors and engines

couplings for land vehicles

covers for vehicle steering wheels

crankcases for land vehicle components, other than for engines

cup holders for vehicles

davits for boats

delivery drones

delivery tricycles / carrier tricycles

dining carriages / dining cars

disengaging gear for boats

diving bells

doors for vehicles

dredgers [boats]

dress guards for bicycles

drive chains for land vehicles

driverless cars [autonomous cars]

self-driving cars

driving motors for land vehicles

ejector seats for aircraft

engine mounts for land vehicles

engines for land vehicles

motors for land vehicles

fenders for ships

ferry boats

fishing trolleys

fitted dashboard covers for vehicles

flanges for railway wheel tyres

flanges for railway wheel tires

fitted footmuffs for prams

fitted footmuffs for baby carriages

fitted footmuffs for pushchairs

fitted footmuffs for strollers

forklift trucks

freewheels for land vehicles


funnels for locomotives

funnels for ships

gear boxes for land vehicles

gearing for land vehicles

gears for bicycles

golf carts [vehicles] / golf carts [vehicles] /



handling carts

head-rests for vehicle seats

headlight wipers



hoods for vehicle engines

hoods for vehicles

horns for vehicles

horse-drawn carriages

hose carts

hot air balloons

hub caps

hubs for bicycle wheels / bicycle wheel hubs

hubs for vehicle wheels / vehicle wheel hubs

hydrogen-fueled cars


inclined ways for boats

jet engines for land vehicles

kick sledges

transmission mechanisms for land vehicles



lorries / trucks

lug nuts for vehicle wheels

luggage carriers for vehicles

luggage nets for vehicles

masts for boats

military drones

military vehicles for transport

mine cars

mine cart wheels

mobility scooters


motor buses

motor coaches

motor racing cars

motor scooters

motorcycle chains

motorcycle engines

motorcycle frames

motorcycle handlebars

motorcycle kickstands

motorcycle saddles


motors, electric, for land vehicles


non-skid devices for vehicle tyres

non-skid devices for vehicle tires


paddles for canoes

panniers adapted for bicycles

panniers adapted for motorcycles


pet strollers

pneumatic or hydraulic linear actuators for land vehicless



prams / baby carriages

propulsion mechanisms for land vehicles

pulks for transportation

pumps for bicycle tyres / pumps for bicycle tires

push scooters [vehicles]

fitted pushchair mosquito nets / fitted stroller mosquito nets

pushchair covers / stroller covers

pushchair hoods / stroller hoods

pushchairs / strollers

railway carriages

railway couplings

rearview mirrors

reduction gears for land vehicles

refrigerated vehicles

refrigerated railway wagons

remote control vehicles, other than toys

remotely operated vehicles for underwater inspections

repair outfits for inner tubes

rescue sleds

rescue boats

reversing alarms for vehicles

rims for bicycle wheels / bicycle wheel rims

rims for vehicle wheels / vehicle wheel rims

robotic cars

roll cage trolleys

rolling stock for funicular railways

rolling stock for railways

rowlocks / oarlocks

rubbish trucks / garbage trucks


saddle covers for bicycles

saddle covers for motorcycles

saddlebags adapted for bicycles

safety belts for vehicle seats

safety seats for children, for vehicles


screw-propellers for boats

screws [propellers] for ships

sculls / stern oars


seat covers for vehicles

security harness for vehicle seats

self-balancing scooters

self-balancing electric unicycles

self-balancing scooters

self-balancing boards

self-driving robots for delivery

ship hulls


shock absorbers for automobiles

shock absorbing springs for vehicles

shopping trolleys / shopping carts

side cars

side view mirrors for vehicles

signal arms for vehicles

ski carriers for cars

ski lifts

sleeping berths for vehicles

sleeping cars

sleighs [vehicles]

snow-going vehicles


solid tyres for vehicle wheels / solid tires for vehicle wheels

space vehicles

spare wheel covers / spare tire covers / spare tyre covers

spars for ships

spikes for tyres / spikes for tires / studs for tires / studs for tyres

spoilers for vehicles

spoke clips for wheels

spokes for bicycle wheels / bicycle wheel spokes

sports cars

sprinkling trucks

steering gears for ships

steering wheels for vehicles

straddle carriers

sun-blinds adapted for automobiles

surveillance towers specially adapted for vehicles

suspension shock absorbers for vehicles

swamp-going vehicles

tailboard lifts [parts of land vehicles]

elevating tailgates [parts of land vehicles]

power tailgates [parts of land vehicles]

telpher railways [cable cars]

cable cars

tilt trucks


timbers [frames] for ships

tipping apparatus [parts of railway wagons]

tipping bodies for lorries

tipping bodies for trucks

torque converters for land vehicles

torsion bars for vehicles

tow trucks / wreckers for transport


trailer hitches for vehicles

trailers [vehicles]

trailers for transporting bicycles


transmission chains for land vehicles

transmission shafts for land vehicles

treads for retreading tyres / treads for retreading tires

treads for vehicles [tractor type] / treads for vehicles [roller belts]



trucks with a crane feature incorporated

tubeless tyres for bicycles

tubeless tires for bicycles

inner tubes for bicycle tyres / inner tubes for bicycle tires

inner tubes for pneumatic tyres / inner tubes for pneumatic tires

turbines for land vehicles

two-wheeled trolleys / luggage trucks / sack-barrows

tyre mousse inserts / tire mousse inserts

pneumatic tyres / pneumatic tires

tyres for snow ploughs / tires for snow ploughs

tyres for vehicle wheels / tires for vehicle wheels

undercarriages for vehicles

upholstery for vehicles

valves for vehicle tyres / valves for vehicle tires

vans [vehicles]

vehicle bonnet pins / vehicle hood pins

vehicle bumpers

vehicle chassis

vehicle covers [shaped]

vehicle joysticks

vehicle running boards

vehicle seats

vehicle suspension springs

vehicle wheel spokes

vehicle wheels

electric vehicles

vehicles for locomotion by land, air, water or rail

water scooters [personal watercraft]

water vehicles



windows for vehicles

windscreens / windshields

windshield wipers / windscreen wipers