Class 27 : Flooring and wallpaper & more

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Flooring and wallpaper

Carpets, rugs, mats and matting, linoleum and other materials for covering existing floors; wall hangings, not of textile.


A guide to goods covered under class 27

Class 27 includes mainly products intended to be added as coverings to previously constructed floors and walls.

Class includes mainly

  • automobile carpets;
  • mats being floor coverings, for example, bath mats, door mats, gymnastic mats, yoga mats;
  • artificial turf;
  • wallpaper, including textile wallpaper.

Class doesn’t include mainly

  • floors, floorings and floor tiles of metal (Cl. 6) and not of metal (Cl. 19), wooden floor boards (Cl. 19);
  • electrically heated carpets (Cl. 11);
  • geotextiles (Cl. 19);
  • mats for infant playpens (Cl. 20);
  • wall hangings of textile (Cl. 24).

A detailed list of products/goods covered under class 27

artificial turf

bath mats

carpet underlay

carpets / rugs*

carpets for automobiles / automobile carpets

door mats

floor coverings

floor mats, fire-resistant, for fireplaces and barbecues

gymnastic mats / gymnasium mats


mats of woven rope for ski slopes


non-slip mats

reed mats

tatami mats

textile wallcoverings

textile wallpaper

vinyl floor coverings

wall hangings, not of textile


yoga mats