Class 37 : Construction and Repair Services & more

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Construction and Repair Services

Construction services; installation and repair services; mining extraction, oil and gas drilling.


A guide to goods covered under class 37

Class 37 includes mainly services in the field of construction, as well as services involving the restoration of objects to their original condition or their preservation without altering their physical or chemical properties.

Class includes mainly

  • Construction and demolition of buildings, roads, bridges, dams or transmission lines, as well as services in the field of construction, for example, interior and exterior painting, plastering, plumbing, heating equipment installation, and roofing.
  • Shipbuilding.
  • Rental of construction tools, machines and equipment, for example, rental of bulldozers, rental of cranes.
  • Various repair services, for example, those in the fields of electricity, computer hardware, furniture, instruments, tools.
  • Various restoration services, for example, building restoration, furniture restoration and restoration of works of art.
  • Maintenance services for preserving an object in its original condition without changing any of its properties, for example, furniture maintenance, vehicle maintenance, swimming-pool maintenance and maintenance of computer hardware.
  • Cleaning of different objects, for example, windows, vehicles, clothing, as well as the laundering and pressing of clothin.

Class doesn’t include mainly

  • Physical storage of goods (Cl. 39).
  • Transformation of an object or substance that involves a process of change in its essential properties, for example, the cutting, dyeing, fireproofing of cloth (Cl. 40), the casting, plating, treating of metal (Cl. 40), custom tailoring, dressmaking, embroidering (Cl. 40), food and drink preservation (Cl. 40).
  • Installation, maintenance and updating of computer software (Cl. 42), creation and hosting of web sites (Cl. 42).
  • Construction drafting and architectural services (Cl. 42).

A detailed list of products/goods covered under class 37

airplane maintenance and repair

anti-rust treatment for vehicles

artificial snow-making services


assembly services relating to the installation of furniture

boiler cleaning and repair


building construction supervision

building insulating

building of fair stalls and shops

building sealing / damp-proofing [building]

rental of bulldozers

burglar alarm installation and repair

burner maintenance and repair

carpentry services

cell phone battery charging services

charging of electric vehicles

chimney sweeping

cleaning of buildings [exterior surface]

cleaning of buildings [interior]

cleaning of clothing

rental of cleaning machines

clock and watch repair

clothing repair

construction consultancy


providing construction information

rental of construction equipment

rental of cranes [construction equipment]

custom installation of exterior, interior and mechanical parts of vehicles [tuning]

demolition of buildings

deodorizing of upholstery

diaper cleaning

rental of dish drying machines

rental of dishwashing machines


disinfecting of surgical instruments

rental of drainage pumps

drilling of deep oil or gas wells

drilling of wells

dry cleaning

electric appliance installation and repair

services of electricians

elevator installation and repair / lift installation and repair

excavation of ruins, not for research

rental of excavators

factory construction

film projector repair and maintenance

fire alarm installation and repair

freezing equipment installation and repair

fur care, cleaning and repair

furnace installation and repair

furniture maintenance

furniture restoration

harbour construction

hardscaping services

heating equipment installation and repair

housekeeping services [cleaning services]

hydraulic fracturing services / fracking services

providing information relating to repairs

installation and repair of air-conditioning apparatus

installation and repair of flood protection equipment

installation of doors and windows

installation of utilities in construction sites

installation, maintenance and repair of computer hardware

interference suppression in electrical apparatus

irradiation of medical instruments

irrigation devices installation and repair

joinery services [repair of woodwork]

kitchen equipment installation

knife sharpening


rental of laundry washing machines

laying of cable

laying of artificial turf

leather care, cleaning and repair

linen ironing

machinery installation, maintenance and repair

maintenance of elevators [lifts] via remote monitoring systems


mining extraction

motor vehicle maintenance and repair

office machines and equipment installation, maintenance and repair

painting or repair of signs

painting, interior and exterior

paper hanging / wallpapering

parasol repair

pest control services, other than for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry

photographic apparatus repair

pier breakwater building

pipeline construction and maintenance



pressing of clothing


pump repair

quarrying services


rebuilding engines that have been worn or partially destroyed

rebuilding machines that have been worn or partially destroyed

refilling of ink cartridges

refilling of toner cartridges

renovation of clothing

rental of battery chargers

rental of portable power chargers

repair of power lines

repair of security locks

restoration of musical instruments

restoration of works of art

retreading of tyres / retreading of tires


rental of road sweeping machines

road paving

roofing services


safe maintenance and repair


sanitizing of upholstery / sanitising of upholstery



shoe repair

snow removal

sterilization of medical instruments / sterilisation of medical instruments

street cleaning

strong-room maintenance and repair

swimming-pool maintenance

telephone installation and repair

tuning of musical instruments

tuning of bodies for automobiles

tyre balancing / tire balancing

umbrella repair

underwater construction

underwater repair


upholstery repair


vehicle battery charging

vehicle breakdown repair services

vehicle cleaning

vehicle greasing / vehicle lubrication

vehicle maintenance

vehicle polishing

vehicle service stations [refuelling and maintenance]

vehicle washing

vermin exterminating, other than for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry

vulcanization of tyres [repair] / vulcanization of tires [repair]

warehouse construction and repair


washing of linen

window cleaning